Our prices range from $30 to $75 per month. All of our boxes come with zero commitment and FREE shipping. With any box, you can save on monthly costs by prepaying for three or six months! Although actual box contents vary from month to month, each box description below includes a representative sample of products included in that specific box size. 

If you aren't quite ready for monthly boxes and you just want to order one box to start, the best way to do this is by selecting the 'month to month' option and then cancelling your ongoing subscription immediately after purchasing. 

Small Box

The small box is the perfect monthly treat for yourself, a friend, or family member. Here is what you might find in a small box: Crunchie 26g (2), Flake 20g (2), Nestle Fruit Pastilles Roll 52.5g (2), Tayto Cheese and Onion (2), Mars Duo 32.5g (1), Galaxy Caramel 48g (1), and Lucozade Orange 280 mL (1).

Medium Box

The medium box is the perfect monthly treat for a small family, a group of friends, or a true Irish treat enthusiast. Here is what your medium box might look like: Tayto Cheese and Onion (4), Nestle Fruit Pastille Roll 52.5g (4), Club Orange 330 mL (4), Crunchie 40g (3), Flake 32g (3), Mars Bar 51g (3), Galaxy Caramel 48g (2), and Kinder Bueno 43g (2).

Large Box

The large box is the perfect monthly treat for a large family or a small office. This is what might be included in a large box: Twirl 21.5g (8), Mars Milky Way 21.6g (8), Aero Mint 36g (5), Cadbury Dairy Milk (5), Mars Maltesers 37g (5), Club Rock Shandy 330 mL (5), Tayto Chipsticks 34g (4), and KP Hula Hoops 34g (4).